giving in

I have been interested in knitting the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for some time. Finally, prodded by my sister (who will also be knitting it), I decided to bite the bullet. I don’t know why, but I seem to have some fear of sweaters. Maybe it’s a fitting issue, but it seems (based on my various finished, and unfinished, projects) that I like mitts and socks knit on small needles. (Am I the last person in knit-land to make this sweater?!? Not really, since la soeur has not even started hers, but almost!)
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It is more than halfway through January, and I am finally popping in to say hello.

To recap my holidays (2 weeks, split over Victoria, Portland, and Squamish):

  • the socks were well-received as gifts by both recipients
  • I went snowshoeing (twice) – it was really fun, and easier than I expected
  • I went skiing once – it was also fun, but harder than I remembered
  • I finished a sock that I am now having trouble getting motivated to work on the second one (for the record, that makes 2 half-finished pairs in the lineup now)
  • I saw a helicopter taking off pretty close by on Whistler
  • I managed to overcome by laziness, and saw all of my friends while I was out west
  • I made a bet with my sister that we would not eat ice cream all year. Do I need to tell you how much ice cream I ate before midnight on December 31? The important thing is that it was delicious, and that popsicles and gelato are still ok.

That is all!

mmmm, bread

This store is on my way home from work, at Pape and Mortimer, and it makes me smile every day. They had a bigger sign, which I was unable to get a photo of before it was taken down. As you can see from the newspaper in the window, the bread store is no longer in business. And with it’s passing, I am left with many questions. What more than bread did they sell? If they had named the store differently, reflecting that they were “much more than a bread store”, would the Bread Store be a more successful business?

I kind of look forward to seeing what will go in the space next – taking down the main sign has killed all hope for me that the Bread Store is simply under renovation.

how canadian




Wandering Toronto when the parents were in town, I spied this lovely hockey goalie statue at Ryerson. As far as I could tell, the building is not an arena – it seemed a little incongruent, but so very Canadian!




Welcome to the airing of my unfinished objects. Well, at least those that I’ve photographed for your viewing pleasure. There are also a few things (a scarf, some colourwork socks, a pair of pants I am trying to sew, other things I may never finish…) that will currently remain hidden from the public eye.







Half done:

toe-up sock (Socks that Rock, Sapphire)

Lots of train time in Portugal meant lots of knitting time. I was afraid to take the metal needles on the plane, so missed out on a chance to start the second sock. These are part of my experiments to find the right yarn/needle/stitch combination for perfect-fitting socks. I’d best figure out where I put my notes to start its partner…

More than half done:

Louet Gems Pearl, Pewter

a pair of socks, of course!

What, you were expecting a sweater?! Grey socks to make Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern from the beautiful Nancy Bush book. It took me a while to get the pattern down (and I am still apt to make mistakes if I am not careful), but they are going well now. These are the priority knit, since they are a gift and have a deadline, but since I’m 1/4 through the second sock, I don’t anticipate any problems. (knock on wood)


malabrigio legwarmers in “sealing wax”

Yes, the second is finally done. It is miles of 1×1 rib, and could easily double as armwarmers. In fact, I may end up using them as armwarmers, since they are pretty long on my short legs, and the bind off is a bit tight.


New Zealand appears to be my only travel experience in the southern hemisphere:

Visited Countries
My Visited Countries

(Visited Countries Map from Travel Blog)

On the one hand, I would like to rectify this. On the other, I discovered today that I have enough aeroplan miles to go to Finland, which is a trip I would love to do in the spring or early summer.

portugal, abridged

I am back! Two weeks is hardly long enough for a holiday, but it was so so so good.

There were lots of cool little towns, plenty of wine and sangria, a running of the bulls festival, a surfing lesson, many hills, exploring Lisbon, beaches, swimming, hot weather, flamenco dancing, bikes jammed onto the train, and the End of The World.

6 days of riding, covering 480.3km in a total riding time of 24:03:46. Average speed: 20km/hr, max: 52km/hr.

Best meals were grilled chicken, beans and octopus, fish rice, Soleros… hell, just about anything. It was 2 weeks of eating well and, thanks to the cycling, eating a lot!