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It is more than halfway through January, and I am finally popping in to say hello.

To recap my holidays (2 weeks, split over Victoria, Portland, and Squamish):

  • the socks were well-received as gifts by both recipients
  • I went snowshoeing (twice) – it was really fun, and easier than I expected
  • I went skiing once – it was also fun, but harder than I remembered
  • I finished a sock that I am now having trouble getting motivated to work on the second one (for the record, that makes 2 half-finished pairs in the lineup now)
  • I saw a helicopter taking off pretty close by on Whistler
  • I managed to overcome by laziness, and saw all of my friends while I was out west
  • I made a bet with my sister that we would not eat ice cream all year. Do I need to tell you how much ice cream I ate before midnight on December 31? The important thing is that it was delicious, and that popsicles and gelato are still ok.

That is all!


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New Zealand appears to be my only travel experience in the southern hemisphere:

Visited Countries
My Visited Countries

(Visited Countries Map from Travel Blog)

On the one hand, I would like to rectify this. On the other, I discovered today that I have enough aeroplan miles to go to Finland, which is a trip I would love to do in the spring or early summer.

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portugal, abridged

I am back! Two weeks is hardly long enough for a holiday, but it was so so so good.

There were lots of cool little towns, plenty of wine and sangria, a running of the bulls festival, a surfing lesson, many hills, exploring Lisbon, beaches, swimming, hot weather, flamenco dancing, bikes jammed onto the train, and the End of The World.

6 days of riding, covering 480.3km in a total riding time of 24:03:46. Average speed: 20km/hr, max: 52km/hr.

Best meals were grilled chicken, beans and octopus, fish rice, Soleros… hell, just about anything. It was 2 weeks of eating well and, thanks to the cycling, eating a lot!

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