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true affection

Recent obsessions:

  • Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels
  • True Affection, by the Blow
  • Hot lemonade at Jet Fuel Coffee
  • Staying warm

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ice race 2007


bicycles + ice rink = good times

This is seriously one of the most fun things to watch in Toronto. I am too chicken to actually ride on ice, but I love to help out with this. Totally worth the risk of severe frostbite for my poor feet.

[photo by Martino]

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mmmm, bread

This store is on my way home from work, at Pape and Mortimer, and it makes me smile every day. They had a bigger sign, which I was unable to get a photo of before it was taken down. As you can see from the newspaper in the window, the bread store is no longer in business. And with it’s passing, I am left with many questions. What more than bread did they sell? If they had named the store differently, reflecting that they were “much more than a bread store”, would the Bread Store be a more successful business?

I kind of look forward to seeing what will go in the space next – taking down the main sign has killed all hope for me that the Bread Store is simply under renovation.

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how canadian




Wandering Toronto when the parents were in town, I spied this lovely hockey goalie statue at Ryerson. As far as I could tell, the building is not an arena – it seemed a little incongruent, but so very Canadian!




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dear spring!

Can I tell you how much I love spring? Spring and fall are my favorite two seasons (especially in Toronto, where I think summers are too hot and winters are too cold).

Dear, dear spring! Sunshine, green grass, cats wandering the neighbourhood… it's all great. And gloriously long, sunny days, which mean even if I am stuck at work until 7pm 8pm, it is still light out as I head home.

Last night was Critical Mass, and it was a very relaxed, fun ride.  I had originally intended to meet someone there to pick up the Collective's button machine. There was a large crowd at Bloor and Spadina, and it was great to see so many people I haven't seen in a while. I had planned to go straight home after picking up the machine, but decided to start the ride. And the ride was so fun, and there were so many people to catch up with, I just kept riding. It was great! By the time we reached the Viaduct, I knew there was no turning back…

And so rather than going home and having a relaxing evening, I went for a lovely bike ride (though it was kind of chilly), and went to the opening City Idol event, which were short speeches by all the candidates. I love City Idol, and will post more about it later. In the end, I made it home around 11:30. Not the night I planned, but it was nice to just get swept up in events around me, and to not worry too much about anything else.

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now playing

I walked past the Bloor tonight as someone was switching the afternoon and early shows for tomorrow’s schedule. As I went by:

4:15 – A Clockwork Named Desire

7:00 – A Streetcar Orange

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It’s my birthday!

Today I’m planning on working in the morning, then going for lunch with a friend. After lunch, I’m taking the afternoon off (at the friend’s insistence). I’m planning on wandering and taking some photos. I don’t want to come straight home, since I will likely end up just doing work from home, and that would defeat the purpose of taking the afternoon off! Besides, it is supposed to be bright and sunny, and I have been meaning to try and capture “my Toronto” on film for a few weeks now. I’ll be sure to pack some knitting, and am planning to get a stop in at Ideal Coffee for a break. Wheeeee! I’m probably going to bake some cupcakes, too, because every birthday needs cupcakes.

(image borrowed from flickr)

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