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I am officially declaring this blog dead. There is no “gargantuan post ahead”.

Tyttö will remain here, possibly waiting for the day I have more interest. Likely just remaining a convenient place for me to keep all of my favorite knit blog links.



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almost back

There have been crazy work hours (now over, thank god), and a serious computer crash (not quite done with that one, sadly). So, while I wait to have all of my electronic data from the past 5 years retrieved from my dead harddrive, there isn’t much to say. And there are also no photos.

Today I managed to purchase a new harddrive, install it, and reinstall my operating system all by myself. Woo!

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Me, that is, not the blog!

As seems appropriate on my birthday, I present a photo from when I was too young to dress myself (which is basically my only excuse for those cowboy boots. That, and I lived in Alberta).

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It is more than halfway through January, and I am finally popping in to say hello.

To recap my holidays (2 weeks, split over Victoria, Portland, and Squamish):

  • the socks were well-received as gifts by both recipients
  • I went snowshoeing (twice) – it was really fun, and easier than I expected
  • I went skiing once – it was also fun, but harder than I remembered
  • I finished a sock that I am now having trouble getting motivated to work on the second one (for the record, that makes 2 half-finished pairs in the lineup now)
  • I saw a helicopter taking off pretty close by on Whistler
  • I managed to overcome by laziness, and saw all of my friends while I was out west
  • I made a bet with my sister that we would not eat ice cream all year. Do I need to tell you how much ice cream I ate before midnight on December 31? The important thing is that it was delicious, and that popsicles and gelato are still ok.

That is all!

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When it comes to procrastination, I am pro. Years of practice, my friends, years of practice.

To wit, it is 10pm on Sunday night. I was supposed to get a bit of work done this weekend. And what am I doing now? Let’s see:

  • blogging
  • baking cookies
  • making my lunch for tomorrow
  • watching the Emmy’s
  • knitting sporadically on a scarf

Yes, that would be everything except my work. I should take comfort in the fact that I am at least very productive, multitasking so well. I would like to point you in the direction to another favorite way to procrastinate is on the Avocadolite Farm. It’s got cute animals and is highly addictive – I don’t require much more to keep me entertained!

(I keep meaning to purchase this shirt.)

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Since my blog has recently become more, well, public, it seems traffic is picking up. I am starting to feel bad about my pathetic little “I am a bad busy person who must neglect her blog for a brief period” post.

And so, in an effort to keep you entertained while I neglect the blog, here’s a random post of photos. Photos of my full breakfasts, from a two-week cycling trip in Ireland last August. How random!

First, an admission – the set is incomplete. I didn’t decide to take breakfast photos until Day 2 of the trip, and I also decided to forego the photo session when I was having breakfast in a restaurant with people I knew and was camping with. I mean, I clearly don’t mind taking odd photos and announcing my random proclivities in an anonymous-internet kind of way, but it just would have gone to a whole new level with real people sitting at the table, and a waitress bringing tea, and all that.

Second, I have been thinking a bit more about this particular photo set since I am preparing for another bike trip – Portugal, for two weeks in September. Should I continue to take these photos (even though my older sister will also be on this trip, and will likely think I am crazy for doing so)? How far can I take the theme? (It’s like my own version of this book, personalized to account for my love of bicycles and breakfast.) Musings… I’m sure I’ll figure it all out in Lisboa.

And onto breakfast!


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we need to talk

I’ve been thinking a lot about us – I am not sure if I have the time to devote to you that I had hoped. I mean, it’s been a full month since my last post! It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write, dear blog, I just haven’t had the time or energy. It’s not you, it’s me.

Tyttö is on temporary hold while I get some shit done at work, and then take a brief trip avec mes parents. Back late July August, promise.

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