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something new

a perfect sunday: new book, coffee, new hat

A finished object, largely of my own design. Or at least my own ability to pull together other peoples elements of design. Intarsia hat, knit in the round. Inspiration from Red Light Special, blank chart from Hello Yarn, and motif from Folk Knitting in Estonia, by Nancy Bush. Overall, an enjoyable knit with impressive results. I will definitely be knitting more intarsia, and probably more hats.

Things I will do differently next time: Make the hat longer, probably by adding a pattern repeat (it doesn’t cover my ears, so it won’t be suitable for wear until it’s a bit warmer), and knit the cotton lining on smaller needles (it’s a bit bulky, but that’s not so obvious when the hat is on my head. Blocking really helped, too).

In fact, here’s a shot of it on my head:

sunset on an ugly stretch of College St


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giving in

I have been interested in knitting the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for some time. Finally, prodded by my sister (who will also be knitting it), I decided to bite the bullet. I don’t know why, but I seem to have some fear of sweaters. Maybe it’s a fitting issue, but it seems (based on my various finished, and unfinished, projects) that I like mitts and socks knit on small needles. (Am I the last person in knit-land to make this sweater?!? Not really, since la soeur has not even started hers, but almost!)

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Welcome to the airing of my unfinished objects. Well, at least those that I’ve photographed for your viewing pleasure. There are also a few things (a scarf, some colourwork socks, a pair of pants I am trying to sew, other things I may never finish…) that will currently remain hidden from the public eye.







Half done:

toe-up sock (Socks that Rock, Sapphire)

Lots of train time in Portugal meant lots of knitting time. I was afraid to take the metal needles on the plane, so missed out on a chance to start the second sock. These are part of my experiments to find the right yarn/needle/stitch combination for perfect-fitting socks. I’d best figure out where I put my notes to start its partner…

More than half done:

Louet Gems Pearl, Pewter

a pair of socks, of course!

What, you were expecting a sweater?! Grey socks to make Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern from the beautiful Nancy Bush book. It took me a while to get the pattern down (and I am still apt to make mistakes if I am not careful), but they are going well now. These are the priority knit, since they are a gift and have a deadline, but since I’m 1/4 through the second sock, I don’t anticipate any problems. (knock on wood)


malabrigio legwarmers in “sealing wax”

Yes, the second is finally done. It is miles of 1×1 rib, and could easily double as armwarmers. In fact, I may end up using them as armwarmers, since they are pretty long on my short legs, and the bind off is a bit tight.

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all i ever needed

A quick update before I ignore you all for 2+ weeks as I head on vacation.

eat me

I should have posted this long ago… I have to thank Minna again for sending me candy in exchange for kool-aid. These candies, a licorice-flavored toffee, are the best. I received them a couple of months ago, neglected to tell you, threw them into a corner, and recently unearthed them. I am surprised I didn’t eat the entire bag on Friday night. They are soft and chewy and full of licorice deliciousness.

On a more timely note, I finished a pair of socks this week. Could it be a sign of a coming apocalypse that I have (1) actually finished knitting something, and (2) am really and truly blogging about it?

fresh knit socks

These socks are part of my experiments to find out the exact formula for perfectly-fitting socks. I have a (crazy?) feeling that there is some magic combination of number of stitches and needle size that will warrant a pair of socks meant just for me (and others with identically-proportioned feet). I intend to discover this formula, and this pair is my first try.

Yarn: Socks That Rock (in “Fire on the Mountain”)

Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbo

Pattern: Toe-up socks, knit using magic loop. 72 stitches around, short row toe (with 16 unwrapped stitches), and short row heel (with 12 unwrapped stitches). Foot length 7.8″, leg length 7.4″. Picot bind off.

Comments: These socks are a bit too loose – I either need to go down a needle size or knit over fewer stitches. I also don’t like how loose the picot bind off is – it is supposed to be cute little points, but you wouldn’t know because of the way it rolls down.

As I said, I’m off on vacation shortly. Here’s a gratuitous shot of the new socks in action:

packing the bike bags to go to portugal

Later, my dears!

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cute knit alert

Have ya’ll seen ms. marigold, from Zephyr style?

This is one of the cutest knits I’ve seen in a long time. All I can say is, I am very tempted! Love everything about it – the deep V, the frilly sleeves, and the fact that it’s knit top-down – everything.

I wonder what kind of yarns would sub well?

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bikes and socks

Yesterday was a nice sunny day. I did a shift of inventory at Karma Co-op, and then spent part of the afternoon in High Park, watching bike racing. It was great weather, and the perfect day for sitting in the park, knitting, and watching fancy bikes go speeding by…

my favorite combo: nice bikes and handknit socks

My newly-finished Jaywalker socks enjoyed the racing! These socks have been on the needles since Christmas, but I was soon distracted by the Socks That Rock I acquired over the holidays. I used Fortissima Colori from a crazy project I rarely speak of (it involves sock yarn and a short sleeve sweater – as if I have the patience for that!), 2.75dpns, and overall enjoyed the pattern.

happy feet

They are fraternal twins – the stripes are far from matching – and a little loose, making them quite different to wear from the Yarrow Rib socks of my last post. Again… wool socks in the summer? Not the most necessary knit accessory for this hot weather, but guess what I have on the needles as we speak!

did someone say socks?

(Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, Louet Gems Pearl in Charcoal, 2.5mm needles, magic loop)

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just in time for summer…

…new wool socks!

  yarrow rib socks. finally.

socks with spring flowers

These are Yarrow Rib Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks. I did them toe-up, to make the most of my first ever skein of STR, and I am glad I did, though they still ended up being a bit short for my liking. They aren't ankle socks, but they aren't as tall as I would have made them if I had two separate skeins. And if I weren't so impatient – let's be honest, even if I had knit each sock from its own skein, the legs would have been a battle between me wanting them to be the perfect length, and me getting impatient and wanting to finish the damn things.

Two things I learned while making these socks:
1 – bind off technique is very important with toe-up socks. The only one I found that worked was a sewn tubular bind-off; everything else was too tight to get the sock on
2 – I need to either go up a needle size or increase the number of stitches for the leg. These socks are difficult to get on, they are so tight, but once they are on… heaven.

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