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all i ever needed

A quick update before I ignore you all for 2+ weeks as I head on vacation.

eat me

I should have posted this long ago… I have to thank Minna again for sending me candy in exchange for kool-aid. These candies, a licorice-flavored toffee, are the best. I received them a couple of months ago, neglected to tell you, threw them into a corner, and recently unearthed them. I am surprised I didn’t eat the entire bag on Friday night. They are soft and chewy and full of licorice deliciousness.

On a more timely note, I finished a pair of socks this week. Could it be a sign of a coming apocalypse that I have (1) actually finished knitting something, and (2) am really and truly blogging about it?

fresh knit socks

These socks are part of my experiments to find out the exact formula for perfectly-fitting socks. I have a (crazy?) feeling that there is some magic combination of number of stitches and needle size that will warrant a pair of socks meant just for me (and others with identically-proportioned feet). I intend to discover this formula, and this pair is my first try.

Yarn: Socks That Rock (in “Fire on the Mountain”)

Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbo

Pattern: Toe-up socks, knit using magic loop. 72 stitches around, short row toe (with 16 unwrapped stitches), and short row heel (with 12 unwrapped stitches). Foot length 7.8″, leg length 7.4″. Picot bind off.

Comments: These socks are a bit too loose – I either need to go down a needle size or knit over fewer stitches. I also don’t like how loose the picot bind off is – it is supposed to be cute little points, but you wouldn’t know because of the way it rolls down.

As I said, I’m off on vacation shortly. Here’s a gratuitous shot of the new socks in action:

packing the bike bags to go to portugal

Later, my dears!


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uh oh

Does this mean I’m out of the club as a Finnophile?

Your Inner European is Swedish!
Relaxed and peaceful. You like to kick back and enjoy life.

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A Christmas gift

I got a Christmas poscard from Finland that had a built-in gift (love those crafty Finns!).

The postcard front was a thin layer of birch, dyed blue. It had perforated designs in it, and when you took off the plastic wrap, there was a piece of string and a sheet of instructions!

disassembled postcard: check

Because I am so anal retentive such a perfectionist, I found it difficult to push the pieces out perfectly. I pushed out all of the pieces, and laid them out in the same order as on the postcard so I could follow the instructions easily. Good thing the instructions were in English – my Finnish is suffering greatly this year without any classes to keep me practicing. I managed to start out with the piece upside down, so while I had the pieces in the right order running from top to bottom, they were wrong left to right. It didn’t take an engineer to figure out the problem or how to solve it. (I clearly also had some troubles in taking clear photos. Sorry.)

Ready? Take them out carefully!

And all the pieces fit together like magic! I need to find somewhere to hang this now. It’s so cute!

A Christmas gift from my postcard.

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Christmas countdown

The countdown to the holidays is on… we’re making good progress with the shawl knitting (really, though, too small to be shawl. More of a shawlet!), and have got most Christmas shopping done. Done!

Last weekend, it was time to deal with mailings. I am certain they’ll be late, but better late then never… right?!?

This year I made linocut cards. I actually don’t use linoleum, as I find it really hard to cut through, despite having the proper tools. Instead, you can buy these blocks of rubber – it’s right next to the linoleum, so it’s easy to find. And this year: black and silver paint! Fancy! They look pretty damn good. I should credit Holland for suggestion trying the silver stars on a black background.

the card factory, on the dining room table

It was also time to wrap up my gifts to send to the best family in Finland. I hope the girls like the English books! I sent a calendar, as well, since it is a record of my fame in Toronto. I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it.

ready for the wrapping

notice i don’t use ribbon (i don’t have any; i’ve got lots of yarn, though!)

Since I had a false start at the post office on Monday, I didn’t get these into the mail until Tuesday. I’m positive they’ll be late, but I’m still holding out for a Christmas miracle on that one!

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