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mmmm, bread

This store is on my way home from work, at Pape and Mortimer, and it makes me smile every day. They had a bigger sign, which I was unable to get a photo of before it was taken down. As you can see from the newspaper in the window, the bread store is no longer in business. And with it’s passing, I am left with many questions. What more than bread did they sell? If they had named the store differently, reflecting that they were “much more than a bread store”, would the Bread Store be a more successful business?

I kind of look forward to seeing what will go in the space next – taking down the main sign has killed all hope for me that the Bread Store is simply under renovation.


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how canadian




Wandering Toronto when the parents were in town, I spied this lovely hockey goalie statue at Ryerson. As far as I could tell, the building is not an arena – it seemed a little incongruent, but so very Canadian!




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