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Welcome to the airing of my unfinished objects. Well, at least those that I’ve photographed for your viewing pleasure. There are also a few things (a scarf, some colourwork socks, a pair of pants I am trying to sew, other things I may never finish…) that will currently remain hidden from the public eye.







Half done:

toe-up sock (Socks that Rock, Sapphire)

Lots of train time in Portugal meant lots of knitting time. I was afraid to take the metal needles on the plane, so missed out on a chance to start the second sock. These are part of my experiments to find the right yarn/needle/stitch combination for perfect-fitting socks. I’d best figure out where I put my notes to start its partner…

More than half done:

Louet Gems Pearl, Pewter

a pair of socks, of course!

What, you were expecting a sweater?! Grey socks to make Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern from the beautiful Nancy Bush book. It took me a while to get the pattern down (and I am still apt to make mistakes if I am not careful), but they are going well now. These are the priority knit, since they are a gift and have a deadline, but since I’m 1/4 through the second sock, I don’t anticipate any problems. (knock on wood)


malabrigio legwarmers in “sealing wax”

Yes, the second is finally done. It is miles of 1×1 rib, and could easily double as armwarmers. In fact, I may end up using them as armwarmers, since they are pretty long on my short legs, and the bind off is a bit tight.


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