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bikes and socks

Yesterday was a nice sunny day. I did a shift of inventory at Karma Co-op, and then spent part of the afternoon in High Park, watching bike racing. It was great weather, and the perfect day for sitting in the park, knitting, and watching fancy bikes go speeding by…

my favorite combo: nice bikes and handknit socks

My newly-finished Jaywalker socks enjoyed the racing! These socks have been on the needles since Christmas, but I was soon distracted by the Socks That Rock I acquired over the holidays. I used Fortissima Colori from a crazy project I rarely speak of (it involves sock yarn and a short sleeve sweater – as if I have the patience for that!), 2.75dpns, and overall enjoyed the pattern.

happy feet

They are fraternal twins – the stripes are far from matching – and a little loose, making them quite different to wear from the Yarrow Rib socks of my last post. Again… wool socks in the summer? Not the most necessary knit accessory for this hot weather, but guess what I have on the needles as we speak!

did someone say socks?

(Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, Louet Gems Pearl in Charcoal, 2.5mm needles, magic loop)


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just in time for summer…

…new wool socks!

  yarrow rib socks. finally.

socks with spring flowers

These are Yarrow Rib Socks, from Knitting Vintage Socks. I did them toe-up, to make the most of my first ever skein of STR, and I am glad I did, though they still ended up being a bit short for my liking. They aren't ankle socks, but they aren't as tall as I would have made them if I had two separate skeins. And if I weren't so impatient – let's be honest, even if I had knit each sock from its own skein, the legs would have been a battle between me wanting them to be the perfect length, and me getting impatient and wanting to finish the damn things.

Two things I learned while making these socks:
1 – bind off technique is very important with toe-up socks. The only one I found that worked was a sewn tubular bind-off; everything else was too tight to get the sock on
2 – I need to either go up a needle size or increase the number of stitches for the leg. These socks are difficult to get on, they are so tight, but once they are on… heaven.

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I have been really wanting to plan a bike trip. Or maybe not so much plan one, as to just go on one. Luckily, a couple of opportunities are coming up soon.

First, Victoria Day long weekend! I am thinking of taking the bike and going camping. There are a few provincial parks within 100km of Toronto – I have a tent, I have a bike… really, what more do I need?!? A couple of friends have expressed some interest, but otherwise, I would consider going on my own. I mean, if I can deal with two weeks of solo bike riding in Ireland, surely I can handle a weekend on my own. Anybody fancy sleeping in the woods on the long weekend?

Another sure-to-be-fun thing is the Tour de L'ile, on June 2 and 4. It's actually a night ride on June 2, and last year it was so much fun. So I have registered for both rides this year. Details on how I'm actually going to get to Montreal…um, we'll sort that out later. Sadly, my photos from last year are crap (funny, for someone who has taken two photography courses, I still seem to take a lot of crap photos!), but it was fun. I promise.

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