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dear spring!

Can I tell you how much I love spring? Spring and fall are my favorite two seasons (especially in Toronto, where I think summers are too hot and winters are too cold).

Dear, dear spring! Sunshine, green grass, cats wandering the neighbourhood… it's all great. And gloriously long, sunny days, which mean even if I am stuck at work until 7pm 8pm, it is still light out as I head home.

Last night was Critical Mass, and it was a very relaxed, fun ride.  I had originally intended to meet someone there to pick up the Collective's button machine. There was a large crowd at Bloor and Spadina, and it was great to see so many people I haven't seen in a while. I had planned to go straight home after picking up the machine, but decided to start the ride. And the ride was so fun, and there were so many people to catch up with, I just kept riding. It was great! By the time we reached the Viaduct, I knew there was no turning back…

And so rather than going home and having a relaxing evening, I went for a lovely bike ride (though it was kind of chilly), and went to the opening City Idol event, which were short speeches by all the candidates. I love City Idol, and will post more about it later. In the end, I made it home around 11:30. Not the night I planned, but it was nice to just get swept up in events around me, and to not worry too much about anything else.


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free… time?

I honestly don't really know what free time is any more. Over the Easter break, I had 4 days off, and I went to work part day for one of them. Partially because I really did have to go, and partially because, wow, it just felt like a long time off, and I sort of needed something structured to do. You seriously must know that your life sucks when you willingly go to work on a holiday, and manage to feel bad about not working more.

 Oh, but I should have enjoyed those extra hours to myself on Easter Monday. Did going in curb any of the craziness that has been the past two weeks? Um, no. I guess project launches and event-planning is just like that. It's as if, regardless of how much preparation time you put in, you will still be losing sleep over it and working like mad up until the time the event starts. At least it went well!And now I get to relax a bit. Though I feel like I'm sitting in the eye of the storm. It's all nice and quiet now, but it'll be bad once June gets here.

How about some knitting content? Second Sock (That Rocks) is so close to being done. Two more inches on the leg, and it is time to bind off! I have some gift socks on my mind, and yes, even though Christmas is a long ways off, I am thinking of starting them next. I have also been dreaming in colour – it must be leftover from the class at Lettuce Knit, but I have been wanting to start a project involving stranded knitting ever since. Can't decide between socks, legwarmers, or maybe mitts. Who am I kidding… I really want to do all of them, but I realize that I don't have the time.

Sometimes I wish I were unemployed! Or still working 4 days a week!

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Tree Sweater

This tree sweater is the cutest! Too bad I just went through my stash and got rid of all of my scraps and crap yarn… and also too bad I don’t have time to do fun stuff these days!

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On Friday, I took a class at Lettuce Knit with Annie Modesitt! It was on colourwork, and it was really great. We covered stranded knitting and intarsia, and both were easier than I had expected. It was still really fun to take a class, especially since Annie Modesitt was lovely, funny and a great teacher.

I used some of my scrap yarn in the class, although Manos probably wasn’t the best to use because of the inconsistent thickness! Still, the bottom of my swatch was blocked, and it looks really good. I was stash-busting, so please ignore how badly these colours go together.

from bottom to top: stranded knitting, intarsia and plaid

check out these floats: straight and twisted stranded knitting


And on the sock front…

one down, one to go!

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