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photo friday

Palo Alto, 2002


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now playing

I walked past the Bloor tonight as someone was switching the afternoon and early shows for tomorrow’s schedule. As I went by:

4:15 – A Clockwork Named Desire

7:00 – A Streetcar Orange

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Two weeks ago, I saw Omagh, a film about the aftermath of a 1998 bombing in Omagh, Northern Ireland. It was playing at Cinematheque Ontario, as part of the Human Rights Watch film festival.

The bulk of the film follows one family in particular, and their struggle to get answers from the police. It’s interesting, and the fact that they are still asking for answers is also interesting. The part of the movie that I cannot get out of my head, however, is the beginning. The movie cuts between scenes of the family’s idyllic life and scenes of the bomb being made and the car being put in place. It is successful in creating suspense – it is so hard to sit there, knowing that something awful is about to happen, and just waiting for that terrible moment. It reminded me a lot of when I saw Elephant, and I had that same feeling of dread, I could hardly breathe.

With Omagh, I was surprised by how strongly I reacted to a single act of violence. I could sit through the latest action blockbuster (I probably wouldn’t, but I could) and not even flinch. But this single bomb in one movie… well, leading up to it in the movie, I was on pins and needles, and afterwards it stays with me for weeks. The tone of the whole movie makes it feel more real, but it also feels more violent, in a way. More forceful.

The other part of Omagh that is really sticking with me is how recent the events are on which it’s based. Afterwards, I said to my friend, “1998! Really?!?“. I had the same feeling when I was in Derry this summer, and I learned more about Bloody Sunday and sort of realized that it wasn’t all that long ago. It was sort of a ‘How can things like that have happened so recently?’ moment, which got a lot more depressing when it really hit me that, well, they still happen today, too.

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lime blue

Proof that it is not all work and not blogging in my life: some knitting.

First up, some legwarmers. Y’all can thank my discovery of the macro setting on the camera for much improved photos! These legwarmers are a gift for someone in Toronto who gave me a very nice top tube cover for my bike. It’s silver and has snowflakes on it, and is awesome for making my bike look good as well as saving me from inner thigh frostbite when it is cold and I lean my bike against the inside of my leg at stop lights… anyway, the woman who gave me the top tube cover was so generous in doing so, and I decided to make her some legwarmers to make it more of a fair trade. Craft for craft, you know?

improved photo courtesy of the macro setting on the camera

They don’t quite count as a finished object yet because of some needles still in one of them, ends that need to be woven in, and a quick wash. But they are knit in Malabrigo, which must be the softest yarn ever. You can see the softness in the photo!

On Friday night, after I put down the legwarmers, since I was so damn close to being done. And I decided to cast on a new project (please don’t ask about my sad projects, languishing in various corners and shelves). I decided I would finally start a pair of socks with Socks That Rock – imagine my surprise when I realized how much the colours matched the legwarmers!

yarrow rib sock

I can’t find the tag, so I’m not even sure what this colourway is called. It contains more grey than the Malabrigo, which I think is nice – it sort of balances the contrast between lime green and navy blue a bit better. I’m doing the Yarrow Rib socks from Knitting Vintage Socks, but am going toe-up because I only have one skein of this yarn, and I want to use up every last ounce of it. Toe-up is fun – thanks to my Knitter’s Handbook, I’ve got a better handle on short rows, so these ones have no holes. Sometimes I get distracted with wanting to try the sock on instead of knitting it, though!

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photo friday

Ireland, August 2005

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photo friday

Ireland, 2006

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