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half a finished knit

I am halfway through knitting a pair of legwarmers. They are knit in buttery-soft and warm-as-hell Malabrigo, the colour is called Sealing Wax. As seen in the above photo, I am not quite as effortlessly stylish as the model on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts, try as I might. Also, my legwarmer isn’t qute as slouchy because, well, my legs are bigger. It is, however, so comfortably warm, it makes me think that once the other one is done, I wouldn’t mind a few more weeks of winter. (Dear Weather Gods: this is not true. I cannot hack another few weeks of winter – it is bone-chillingly cold, and after riding home from work and around and at Critical Mass on Friday night, my feet hurt so much as they thawed out that I nearly cried. Please let winter end soon! Love, Tyttö)


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photo friday

Savonlinna, Finland, 2003

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You might think that racing bicycles on ice would be a bad idea, but you would be wrong because it is, in fact, the greatest idea ever.

Today was the icycle race, a favorite of mine on the “random things to do in Toronto” list. It is an annual event, and is always a good time. It is not always as cold as it was today (holy smokes it was cold!), but it was still fun. There were 15 competitors, and part way through, it dawned on us that if you were to look up the definition of “gong show”, the icycle race might be it. Up to 5 people, on bikes with studded tires, on an ice rink, competing in races organized by a very loosely coordinated set of people. One rule: wear a helmet. Best idea ever!

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photo friday

Cuba, March 2005

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new knits

I finished some baby booties for a pregnant co-worker. They are adorable and soft!

so small!

The dirt:

PATTERN: From Last Minute Knitted Gifts
YARN: Lorna’s Laces Angel (70% Angora, 30% Lambswool), colorway Rainbow. Deserving of the name, I love how the alpaca gives it a bit of a glowing halo
NEEDLES: 3.25mm

I have also been hard at work on my thrum mittens, which are moving nicely now that I have more wool for the thrumming. I also have a deadline, because the Icycle Race is coming up soon, and before I spend a couple of hours freezing my butt off standing in the middle of an ice rink (I’ll be helping organize the bike race, since racing and competing clearly should never involve “standing”). I’ll be needing warm hands.

it’s cold outside

I have also been watching quite a bit of the Turin Olympics, and am always surprised by how emotionally involved I am. Any time an athlete chokes up, it’s pretty much enough to get me bawling. And we’re not just talking about Canadian athletes, or my favorite sports.
So… the Other Olympics.

I have had to make a sudden change of plan in my “Knitting Olympics” uh, competition schedule. The Socks? The ones That Rock? They’re off.

I feel really bad for joining both the Olympics and Team Canada, and having people add me to lists and group blogs and everything, and not pulling through. I cast on a swatch last week to see how the yarn and pattern would work out on 2-mm needles. It looks great, everything was good except it was so slowing going I will likely only be buried in these socks if I finish them before I die of old age. For real, people. And, the yarn hurt my hand a bit. The socks are not 100% abandoned because I know they will be beautiful and sturdy and warm, but I also know that I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of finishing before the flame is extinguished.

I have a back-up plan, though! My Olympic knitting challenge is all about finishing: the thrum mittens and the Jaywalker socks (no progress photo, though over the weekend, I finished the first sock and got about 2″ into the leg of the second). It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I can guarantee that the Jaywalker will take me plenty of time.

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photo friday

Ireland, August 2005

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so. tired.

Things have been busy around here, as I continue to balance my new job with my old, and try to think about making a big decision on the new job and where I want my career to go. I realize that between my old job and my new job I am working 5 days a week, and I know that most people work 5 days a week… but.. but I really liked working 4 day weeks last year! Definitely miss having that extra time during the week to run errands and finish off projects.

Oh, and speaking of finishing off projects: I have some baby booties to show. Waiting for time on a sunny day to take a good photo to show them off. Cute as hell, they are.

Other projects I am not any where near ready to finish off include: thrum mittens (I finally went to buy more wool roving) and Jaywalker socks. I have, however, a plan to make some good progress on the Jaywalkers, though it will be at the expense of my Olympic Socks (That Rock). Since I’m going to Saskatchewan this weekend, and will be taking carry-on luggage only, I fear that my Addi turbos will be confiscated at the airport. Since those are the needles du jour for these socks, I’ll just have to leave them be. Thank god I’ve got back-up socks (on good, safe bamboo DPNs) to take for all that airplane knitting!

I’m feeling bad about another long, rambly text entry with no photos. And so, I present: Christmas knitting, several months late. Despite ripping out this shawl and starting over on December 15, I finished with good time to spare.

Mom's Christmas shawl

Blocking shawl

The shawl ended up a bit small, somewhere between a shawl and a scarf. It’s a gorgeous red colour, and I was plenty happy with it. My mom really liked it, too, and that is really more important. She took it to Hawaii with her in January, but I have yet to follow up and see how well it worked in use.

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