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uh oh

Does this mean I’m out of the club as a Finnophile?

Your Inner European is Swedish!
Relaxed and peaceful. You like to kick back and enjoy life.

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knitting olympics

I am in.

I am a very slow knitter, mostly because I do not have much time to spend knitting. Or at least, that’s the excuse I have always come up with. Maybe I’m actually just slow!

En tout cas, I joined the Knitting Olympics, and made the cut for Team Canada. I am planning on knitting a pair of socks with some very lovely Socks That Rock yarn purchased with the sister in Portland. The yarn is so nice, I want to go toe-up to ensure they’ll fit me and to maximize the yarn-to-useful-garment thing.

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sock surgery

The Cable and Rib socks are finito! Finally!! Which means my Addi turbos are free and ready to cast on for a new pair of socks. Um, I was thinking something that fit me this time…

Anyway, photos of the finished sock to come. Hopefully of them on the recipient, a small-footed friend.

Tonight, some photos of the surgery required to fix the out-of-yarn problem. Yeah, I know it wasn’t the trickiest of procedures, but I am damn proud.

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools: both the yarn donor and recipient socks, scrap yarn, tapestry needle, pen, paper, measuring tape, scissors, and a cup of tea (Figure 1). Measure how much longer the donor sock is – I decided to put scrap yarn in, about halfway through the extra length, since the amount I wind off should be enough to get the recipient yarn to that same length. They’ll both be short, but they’ll be the same length of short! I measured several times with the tape to get this right.

Figure 1

Step 2: Thread a length of scrap yarn onto the needle and start picking up stitches (Figure 2). This was difficult to do in the ribbed section, since I was never sure of the best way to approach the purl stitches. I still don’t know, actually.

Figure 2

Step 3: Try the sock on (Figure 3). I just wanted to check just how short it was going to be, so I could think about adding a bit of length to the toe by doing a few plain rows before the short rows.

Figure 3

Unfortunately, the rest of the sock-surgery was less exciting. Except for the part where I undid the donor sock, and pulled all the way back to the scrap yarn and I had placed the scrap yarn properly and it totally stopped my entire sock from unravelling!!!! But I didn’t get photos of that…. Then I just used my donor yarn to knit up the short sock, and did short row toes. The toes took a few tries because I somehow managed to screw up the increases once and managed to drop my stitches when I was a couple of rows from the end, but beside that and my difficulties in grafting, it was easy as pie.

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I am famous – part two

Walking into your local MEC store and seeing a large poster of yourself can be a bit disconcerting. The only thing that makes it better is if it is part of a display selling rocking calendars for an excellent cause. And also if the picture is part of that calendar, and was created by a super-talented designer you are friends with.

I’ll be hanging out with you for the month of April

Want to buy one? Even though 2006 has started, you can still get yourself one, at a discounted price of $5. Go here if you are interested.

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A Christmas gift

I got a Christmas poscard from Finland that had a built-in gift (love those crafty Finns!).

The postcard front was a thin layer of birch, dyed blue. It had perforated designs in it, and when you took off the plastic wrap, there was a piece of string and a sheet of instructions!

disassembled postcard: check

Because I am so anal retentive such a perfectionist, I found it difficult to push the pieces out perfectly. I pushed out all of the pieces, and laid them out in the same order as on the postcard so I could follow the instructions easily. Good thing the instructions were in English – my Finnish is suffering greatly this year without any classes to keep me practicing. I managed to start out with the piece upside down, so while I had the pieces in the right order running from top to bottom, they were wrong left to right. It didn’t take an engineer to figure out the problem or how to solve it. (I clearly also had some troubles in taking clear photos. Sorry.)

Ready? Take them out carefully!

And all the pieces fit together like magic! I need to find somewhere to hang this now. It’s so cute!

A Christmas gift from my postcard.

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Crafty update

I am working on two pair of socks – a pair of Jaywalkers (started over the holiday) and the cable and rib socks of previous posts. The Jaywalkers aren’t seeing a lot of play these days. The cable and rib socks need one some grafting and some ends sewn in, and they will be ready to go. They are definitely too small for me, and it breaks my little heart. Well, I hope someone with small feet loves them! I want to free up the needles so I can try making toe-up socks. I bought Socks that Rock yarn in Portland (in addition to the skein I got for Christmas), and cannot wait to use it!!

In other knitting news, I am thinking of joining Team Canada for the Knitting Olympics. This will mean (a) knitting something and FINISHING it in a shorter time span than I normally do, and (b) possibly getting some readers on this blog. Both scary propositions!

Tonight I’ve been creating a linocut. I joined a mail club online, and wanted to do something a bit fun to send to these random strangers. Photos soon! Need to get to bed to go for a ride in the morning.

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I am famous – part one

Several weeks ago, I was interviewed by one of Toronto’s weekly newspapers – eye. I was interviewed about cool person extraordinaire Ali, who had just won an award for her great volunteerism. We are on the board of directors at the Community Bicycle Network together.

The article is at eye, where it unfortunately was cut from the print edition and made a web exclusive. Read it! I sound smart! And Ali sounds awesome!

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