long live the blog!

I am officially declaring this blog dead. There is no “gargantuan post ahead”.

Tyttö will remain here, possibly waiting for the day I have more interest. Likely just remaining a convenient place for me to keep all of my favorite knit blog links.



almost back

There have been crazy work hours (now over, thank god), and a serious computer crash (not quite done with that one, sadly). So, while I wait to have all of my electronic data from the past 5 years retrieved from my dead harddrive, there isn’t much to say. And there are also no photos.

Today I managed to purchase a new harddrive, install it, and reinstall my operating system all by myself. Woo!

something new

a perfect sunday: new book, coffee, new hat

A finished object, largely of my own design. Or at least my own ability to pull together other peoples elements of design. Intarsia hat, knit in the round. Inspiration from Red Light Special, blank chart from Hello Yarn, and motif from Folk Knitting in Estonia, by Nancy Bush. Overall, an enjoyable knit with impressive results. I will definitely be knitting more intarsia, and probably more hats.

Things I will do differently next time: Make the hat longer, probably by adding a pattern repeat (it doesn’t cover my ears, so it won’t be suitable for wear until it’s a bit warmer), and knit the cotton lining on smaller needles (it’s a bit bulky, but that’s not so obvious when the hat is on my head. Blocking really helped, too).

In fact, here’s a shot of it on my head:

sunset on an ugly stretch of College St

true affection

Recent obsessions:

  • Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels
  • True Affection, by the Blow
  • Hot lemonade at Jet Fuel Coffee
  • Staying warm

another year older


Me, that is, not the blog!

As seems appropriate on my birthday, I present a photo from when I was too young to dress myself (which is basically my only excuse for those cowboy boots. That, and I lived in Alberta).

ice race 2007


bicycles + ice rink = good times

This is seriously one of the most fun things to watch in Toronto. I am too chicken to actually ride on ice, but I love to help out with this. Totally worth the risk of severe frostbite for my poor feet.

[photo by Martino]


for valentines day…